Birdy toned, soft soul, Sarah Golley, is who we should all open out eyes to. Fiona Apple pupil, who was determined enough to practice her influence's music on piano, decided to begin her career as a musician. Sarah's light, quiet, articulate theatrical, unique voice just screams talent from all over the board. The unsigned artist from West Haven has recorded her masterpiece "Weaving the Pieces" in 2015 solely using Garage Band , a keyboard along with a looping machine. Now we can all hear Sarah's accomplishments inscribed in her album "Weaving the Pieces".  Most specifically her single as well peaceful track "Little Bird" demonstrates the passion engraved in this musician.


"Little Bird" is a part of an album that is all about acceptance of ones self. Sarah states "The writing, performing, and recording of these songs has been a transformation into a better version of myself," so not only can this track or album be therapeutic for us, the listeners, but it was surely healing for her. Now, into the depths of this featured track; the astonishing poetic style of lyricism brings an intellectual technique to her image and sound, which only comes with benefits. The chorus comes in with the simplistic and intense "Little bird fly away. Catch my heart on your wings. Rest assured. it is never the master who's pulling the strings. Sigh, and catch my breath lifting you up to the sky. Never half -hearted, never a reason why." Personally to me, those words leave me speechless, since no one today can bring those terms together while making them song intelligent, and beautiful at the same time. While continuing to listen to the full on track, it would be hard to forget to mention the angelic vocalizing riffs around the last minute of the song, powerful and capturing to the soul. I can only describe so much about this track, but you have to take a listen to it yourself below. 





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