It's that time of the year when I feel as if every artist in the world is dropping new material like flies. There is something in the air, for example Paramore and Haim, my personal faves also the few bands I keep up with, have each released two music videos in the past week *head explodes*. I can't forget to mention, my email is blowing up with unsigned artists submitting their tracks to me, SoundCloud keeps on recommending me new profiles to listen to, it is just a massive season for discovery. After all, the majority of my discoveries have been a ton and I mean a ton of mixes from fellow DJ's or producers. When SoundCloud or Spotify recommends you some new music, you better listen to it! Some of these mixes I have been playing all day while I'm in school, while working out, or while I'm in the passenger seat; so I want to share the best one's to you. 


This lovely mix is obviously a tribute to the great icon, Sade. I believe that this mix came out at the perfect time since Sade is really getting the recognition within the youth right now than ever in the youth community. Trust me, I'm in high school, dudes love Sade. This mix runs for sixteen minutes and twenty five seconds of just pure black girl joy. It feels as if its Sade's whole discography squished into a less than twenty minute track. The mix begins with calm piano notes falling into "I Couldn't Love You More" quickly transitioning to other tracks, super fast but you get the gist of the great, catchy parts of the songs.  My personal favorite part of the track is at 9:08 with those tribal like "ahh's" that smooths its way to "Love is Stronger Than Pride" but in a much more rapid tempo. Best believe "Smooth Operator" made its way onto the mix. What's a Sade tribute without that top ten hit?


This year was the first year of R&B festival Soulquarius which took place all the way back in February in Orange County, *sigh*. But thank God for this masterpiece over here which includes tracks from the festival's line up. This mix is helpful for those like me who live across the country from the festival that could not attend or for those who have post festival depression. This hour long soundtrack includes songs that I completely forgot existed to brand new artists that I have never heard of. Best believe I learned a lot from this mix. In fact, I never knew DMX had such a sentimental track such as "I Got Ur Back" at around the forty two minute mark. Thanks to Jon Antonio for creating this mix, makes me feel as if I didn't miss out on the greatest festival of all time. 

"2016 - 12 -23" // DJ YAZMINE

It's not a secret as to how much of a fan I am of DJ Yazmine's material, I mean it's not the first time she's been featured on here. Every mix from this prodigy is of a different flavor and genre, it really demonstrates her versatility, ugh I love it! Anyways, now about this mix, it is more of a tech, UK garage, dance feel that I get from it, it is super different and foreign from what you would hear here in the states. What made me fall in love with this mix was once the track at 2:50 kicked in. I have no idea what is the name of that track but it is so club, and "twerkable" it is highly irresistible to not groove to it. Honestly this mix and mixes of this flavor would most definitely do great in European clubs, and I'll be there dancing my ass off. 


This "Corazon" soundtrack was recommended to me by a friend who knew I would automatically love this mix. Everything and everybody is included, from Cardi B, to reggae, to Latin urban, to Rihanna and Beyonce, it is mind boggling. The diversity in this mix makes me so happy, its inexpiable. The fact that the transitions between each song is neatly done that you would not be able to tell whether the previous song was still going, that is how good the skills are. Beginning at 43:49 to the ending, the beats get rapid then slow down, "Work" enters, then goes the rapid tempo again, the instrumentals and tempos blends naturally, it's overwhelmingly genius. I honestly can not believe a mix like this exists, it is absolutely legendary. 

Follow each artist and add some of these mixes above to your playlists, you'll thank me later. 


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- All opinions are mine 

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