T.W.I.N, female artist based in Atlanta, (America's hip hop capital by the way) has released this eccentric body of work,  as a part of her self titled EP body of work. The seventeen year old' s diverse sounding material gravitates to any open minded listener, who can just automatically admire her music. The stylistics, tone along with lyricism brings to mind the impressive Angel Haze, a prodigious resemblance. With T.W.I.N's previous tracks posted on her SoundCloud specifically on her EP, she remixed Post Malone's "Money Mad Me Do It", proving her ability to use any instrumental and make it her own. However, "Saving/ Drink After Drink Interlude" expands her expertise. 

"Saving/ Drink After Drink Interlude", (long title to type I may say) is a chillingly intense track, that is more mature than the rest of T.W.I.N's discography. As the artist said herself "this is my favorite song that I've made so far..." and I firmly agree it's her best. This song brings a visual image or dark love, as cliche as that sounds but something so deep, poetic and scorpio-ish that only the artist can explain. The alluring tonality of her voice can attract any listener to continue to listen to the whole three minutes and seventeen seconds of the track. There is a mysterious story telling background to this song that I admire and I just can't get over it.  Props to the producer or producers mentioned on the track titled as "SSM x MTF MOB", the beat is remarkably unbelievable. I am for sure awaiting for many more collaborations between T.WI.N and the producer of this track *crying emoji.* Fellow fan right here who will definitely keep track of this brand new talented artist.  

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