Californian rapper, Genesyx has released his first single "Intel" for his upcoming project "Now You See Me" as of today January 21st. The twenty year old began rapping about almost a year ago while releasing an EP mixtape "Adore Me" on his SoundCloud throughout that time span. The style of "Adore Me is tagged as hip hop and rap as well as this new track "Intel", so we are fully aware of this artist's placement of genre. The determination and the drive Genesyx has to reach his ideal position of recognition, (due to the fact that he just picked up rapping) is applaudable and should be noticed by many others. This is not the first time Genesyx has been featured on our website, as you can check out his last feature here 

The song begins with twelve seconds of a simplistic quiet xylophone instrument, I obviously do not know exactly what instrument it is but that is as best as I can describe it. Props to the producer S O R A . After those twelve seconds the bass drops and precisely at 0:24, Genseyx' vocals come in. The speedy fast flow of lyricism reminds me of Twista, rhyming so fast, we have no clue what they're saying but we can tolerate it because the song is pretty poppin'. Genesyx has his own brand and tone of voice that it is very new as well as rare to grasp; but individuality  is what the music industry needs. The chorus says "intel, I got intel for you" repeating, which basically means I have information to tell you. After the first chorus Ace Hashimoto makes his debut with his distinctive voice, which is easily distinguishable from Gensyx. Many indie artists collaborate with others who have a bizarrely similar style of tone which makes it harder for the listener to tell who is who in the song, but in this case that did not happen; *thumbs up*. After Hashimoto's verse, there is about thirty seconds of the chorus repeating. By the end of the track, the song will be looping in your head for sure.


Listen to the track above, like it, follow Genesyx and lets get ready for "Now You See Me" hopefully coming out very soon.




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