Blaze Jose, Baton Rouge rapper and producer has just released his song "Control" featuring Jireh. This track was released as of yesterday, January 6th prepping for the upcoming project, "Bittersweet" out sometime in February. The seventeen year old already has a mixtape out there called "Genuinely Despised" from 2014 and owns his own record label by the name of Jose Music LLC. This creative individual produces his material while displaying to the world his innovative hard work, which is evident and really paying off.

If you are wondering why the song sounds so familiar, after you heard it of course, the song is indeed a sample of 3T's 90's jam "Tease Me" that Jose transformed into a modern rap rhythm. "Tease Me" is subtly playing in the background as present day instrumentals are mixed with the sample. "Control" is hip hop mixed with R&B which is very underrated now a days; shout out to @Earth_808. The lyrics in the song include "Imma lose my focus girl" which clearly demonstrates that the track is based on "infidelity that occurs within relationships," Jose clarifies. Genius works right there. As Blaze Jose tells us, his listeners, the events that goes on in his life into his music, it really does make a him a real dude. 


After getting the time to digest Blaze Jose's music, I am sincerely waiting to hear multiple more projects from this smart guy. It is inspirational as well as fresh to see an artist who is completely DIY. Do it yourself artists is what we need the most in the music industry today, as most musicians majorly use the help of others for their own material. Blaze Jose's material is indigenous, savvy and personal. Truly one of a kind.


- All opinions are mine
- Photos provided by Blaze Jose 

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