Once someone realizes they have the ability to do a vocal scale in tune, or the talent to sing, they rush for recognition in order to be rich and famous. They rely on managements to discover them and make them successful. "I want to be signed to Def Jam, Interscope,etc," little do they know how damaging major record deals/labels can be. Those places that your favorite artists are enslaved by actually opens the possibility to terminate their creativity. We, the listeners are not aware of the issues most musicians contain with their record label crew. Major artists such as Prince, Kesha, Frank Ocean, and most recently added, Brandy, have all had malicious experiences with their labels, causing them to leave those establishments. Luckily for them, they still have strong fan bases. The moral of the story is that no one needs a record deal to be prosper! 

Personally, I believe that a contract can make or break you. Contracts have the ability to delay your release dates, not give you enough money for a music video idea, therefore the video comes out mediocre, etc, no bueno. In contrast, if you are an independent artist and fund everything yourself, your visions will most likely come to life depending on how determined you are. People would probably wonder "well, how do I build a fan base without a record label supporting me?", and the answer is that artists should already have a fan base before a record label can come and sign them. It is no surprise that YouTube is the power platform to gain more supporters. If you want to know how to market yourself or brand, reading books on how to develop a fan base can really help. Ultimately, self promotion as well as the independent life is the key to success. If you can't accommodate yourself first, then who will?

"Let the baker make the bread," well said, let the creator create. Only you should control yourself, don't let a record  label alter your individuality. Many independent artists have flourished in the music industry contract-less, names such as Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, Odd Future, the list is infinite. Now that I have explained why record labels suck, if your an aspiring musician, you will now know the inside scoop before you dig your career in possible turmoil. 

- All opinions are mine
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