Diverse Character, hip hop artist from New Jersey is certainly ready to leave his prints on the world. With DC's multiple collaborations with not to mention, Rich Homie Quan, he is going all the way up. Diverse Character also known as Verse, is has nothing against drugs stating "I love drugs, that's true" in his track "Happy Place", which gives him bonus points due to the fact that most artists do not just straight up say "I love drugs" but DC does that and is proud of it, props to him. DC's theme of chill good vibes gives me the sense that he has been influenced by some Wiz Khalifa and or Kid Cudi for sure. 

As you listen to his recent project "Golden Memories", you'll figure out that it is not all strictly hip hop. On the track "Taking Off" I get a rock and trap energy blended, it was a mind blowing discovery because no one has combined those two genres in that manner. But who does that?  Diverse Character does that. My favorite track is "To The Moon" the legit "lets relax on the beach" type of tune, his voice and the beat together are a a match made in heaven, both together made the perfect track. 

It was a definite valuable discovery to listen to DC's music, and for hell sure Diverse Character is diverse. Personally, I have become a supporter of DC and I am anticipating many more projects from this guy. 

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