Alright, so the summer has basically rose upon us all and we're all in the mood for mixes that can satisfy our souls. Its that time for Friday night parties, car spins around the shore, so you know we need something to fill in our ears. I have come across a couple of dope djs that I have previously discovered on Instagram or on Twitter that have attracted me to their musical stylistics.   


With his permanent catchphrase (for the lack of better wording), Tefrondon, in the beginning of all his mixes, the Canadian mixer has definitely left a starter mark in the world of mixing. This guy included songs that are underrated or in other terms, not songs that were over played on the radio. For example in his "Kitchen Musique" mix he includes the live performance from John Legend performing "Selfish"! That was when I completely lost my cool, because no one would put in a live performance in their mixes or include such a beautiful song like "Selfish" to be honest. Also bonus points for the "Piece of my Love" Guy addition. Tefrondon's most recent mix, "Delayed to 11:25" is a more than half an hour compilation that truly demonstrates passion and dedication right there. 


West Palm Beach homegirl, Yazmine got my attention on Instagram as I came across her page. I saw her video of "when your family are your biggest supporters" and quickly became curious as to see what this lady has in store. Yazmine's Soundcloud was filled with hella material that it felt like Christmas, I had to open every present, or in this case, every track. First was the "Deserved More" mix that started off with a remix of Corona's "The Rhythm of the Night" and fascinated me right away. My thoughts exactly were "wow its so nice to hear someone have such a diverse taste in music" with PULSE MUSIC! In other mixes, Yazmine has some Missy Elliot and then a whole ten minutes dedicated to reggae. I also give Yazmine pointers for being a young female dj just making it and serving the world with some bomb mixes. 

These two musician are the best in the deejaying/ producing / mixing game at the moment and deserve all the recognition possible because they are going to help the music industry in major ways. 

- All opinions are mine
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