Birdy toned, soft soul, Sarah Golley, is who we should all open out eyes to. Fiona Apple pupil, who was determined enough to practice her influence's music on piano, decided to begin her career as a musician. Sarah's light, quiet, articulate theatrical, unique voice just screams talent from all over the board. The unsigned artist from West Haven has recorded her masterpiece "Weaving the Pieces" in 2015 solely using Garage Band , a keyboard along with a looping machine. Now we can all hear Sarah's accomplishments inscribed in her album "Weaving the Pieces".  Most specifically her single as well peaceful track "Little Bird" demonstrates the passion engraved in this musician.


"Little Bird" is a part of an album that is all about acceptance of ones self. Sarah states "The writing, performing, and recording of these songs has been a transformation into a better version of myself," so not only can this track or album be therapeutic for us, the listeners, but it was surely healing for her. Now, into the depths of this featured track; the astonishing poetic style of lyricism brings an intellectual technique to her image and sound, which only comes with benefits. The chorus comes in with the simplistic and intense "Little bird fly away. Catch my heart on your wings. Rest assured. it is never the master who's pulling the strings. Sigh, and catch my breath lifting you up to the sky. Never half -hearted, never a reason why." Personally to me, those words leave me speechless, since no one today can bring those terms together while making them song intelligent, and beautiful at the same time. While continuing to listen to the full on track, it would be hard to forget to mention the angelic vocalizing riffs around the last minute of the song, powerful and capturing to the soul. I can only describe so much about this track, but you have to take a listen to it yourself below. 





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It's that time of the year when I feel as if every artist in the world is dropping new material like flies. There is something in the air, for example Paramore and Haim, my personal faves also the few bands I keep up with, have each released two music videos in the past week *head explodes*. I can't forget to mention, my email is blowing up with unsigned artists submitting their tracks to me, SoundCloud keeps on recommending me new profiles to listen to, it is just a massive season for discovery. After all, the majority of my discoveries have been a ton and I mean a ton of mixes from fellow DJ's or producers. When SoundCloud or Spotify recommends you some new music, you better listen to it! Some of these mixes I have been playing all day while I'm in school, while working out, or while I'm in the passenger seat; so I want to share the best one's to you. 


This lovely mix is obviously a tribute to the great icon, Sade. I believe that this mix came out at the perfect time since Sade is really getting the recognition within the youth right now than ever in the youth community. Trust me, I'm in high school, dudes love Sade. This mix runs for sixteen minutes and twenty five seconds of just pure black girl joy. It feels as if its Sade's whole discography squished into a less than twenty minute track. The mix begins with calm piano notes falling into "I Couldn't Love You More" quickly transitioning to other tracks, super fast but you get the gist of the great, catchy parts of the songs.  My personal favorite part of the track is at 9:08 with those tribal like "ahh's" that smooths its way to "Love is Stronger Than Pride" but in a much more rapid tempo. Best believe "Smooth Operator" made its way onto the mix. What's a Sade tribute without that top ten hit?


This year was the first year of R&B festival Soulquarius which took place all the way back in February in Orange County, *sigh*. But thank God for this masterpiece over here which includes tracks from the festival's line up. This mix is helpful for those like me who live across the country from the festival that could not attend or for those who have post festival depression. This hour long soundtrack includes songs that I completely forgot existed to brand new artists that I have never heard of. Best believe I learned a lot from this mix. In fact, I never knew DMX had such a sentimental track such as "I Got Ur Back" at around the forty two minute mark. Thanks to Jon Antonio for creating this mix, makes me feel as if I didn't miss out on the greatest festival of all time. 

"2016 - 12 -23" // DJ YAZMINE

It's not a secret as to how much of a fan I am of DJ Yazmine's material, I mean it's not the first time she's been featured on here. Every mix from this prodigy is of a different flavor and genre, it really demonstrates her versatility, ugh I love it! Anyways, now about this mix, it is more of a tech, UK garage, dance feel that I get from it, it is super different and foreign from what you would hear here in the states. What made me fall in love with this mix was once the track at 2:50 kicked in. I have no idea what is the name of that track but it is so club, and "twerkable" it is highly irresistible to not groove to it. Honestly this mix and mixes of this flavor would most definitely do great in European clubs, and I'll be there dancing my ass off. 


This "Corazon" soundtrack was recommended to me by a friend who knew I would automatically love this mix. Everything and everybody is included, from Cardi B, to reggae, to Latin urban, to Rihanna and Beyonce, it is mind boggling. The diversity in this mix makes me so happy, its inexpiable. The fact that the transitions between each song is neatly done that you would not be able to tell whether the previous song was still going, that is how good the skills are. Beginning at 43:49 to the ending, the beats get rapid then slow down, "Work" enters, then goes the rapid tempo again, the instrumentals and tempos blends naturally, it's overwhelmingly genius. I honestly can not believe a mix like this exists, it is absolutely legendary. 

Follow each artist and add some of these mixes above to your playlists, you'll thank me later. 


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T.W.I.N, female artist based in Atlanta, (America's hip hop capital by the way) has released this eccentric body of work,  as a part of her self titled EP body of work. The seventeen year old' s diverse sounding material gravitates to any open minded listener, who can just automatically admire her music. The stylistics, tone along with lyricism brings to mind the impressive Angel Haze, a prodigious resemblance. With T.W.I.N's previous tracks posted on her SoundCloud specifically on her EP, she remixed Post Malone's "Money Mad Me Do It", proving her ability to use any instrumental and make it her own. However, "Saving/ Drink After Drink Interlude" expands her expertise. 

"Saving/ Drink After Drink Interlude", (long title to type I may say) is a chillingly intense track, that is more mature than the rest of T.W.I.N's discography. As the artist said herself "this is my favorite song that I've made so far..." and I firmly agree it's her best. This song brings a visual image or dark love, as cliche as that sounds but something so deep, poetic and scorpio-ish that only the artist can explain. The alluring tonality of her voice can attract any listener to continue to listen to the whole three minutes and seventeen seconds of the track. There is a mysterious story telling background to this song that I admire and I just can't get over it.  Props to the producer or producers mentioned on the track titled as "SSM x MTF MOB", the beat is remarkably unbelievable. I am for sure awaiting for many more collaborations between T.WI.N and the producer of this track *crying emoji.* Fellow fan right here who will definitely keep track of this brand new talented artist.  

Listen to the track above, like it and share.



Californian rapper, Genesyx has released his first single "Intel" for his upcoming project "Now You See Me" as of today January 21st. The twenty year old began rapping about almost a year ago while releasing an EP mixtape "Adore Me" on his SoundCloud throughout that time span. The style of "Adore Me is tagged as hip hop and rap as well as this new track "Intel", so we are fully aware of this artist's placement of genre. The determination and the drive Genesyx has to reach his ideal position of recognition, (due to the fact that he just picked up rapping) is applaudable and should be noticed by many others. This is not the first time Genesyx has been featured on our website, as you can check out his last feature here 

The song begins with twelve seconds of a simplistic quiet xylophone instrument, I obviously do not know exactly what instrument it is but that is as best as I can describe it. Props to the producer S O R A . After those twelve seconds the bass drops and precisely at 0:24, Genseyx' vocals come in. The speedy fast flow of lyricism reminds me of Twista, rhyming so fast, we have no clue what they're saying but we can tolerate it because the song is pretty poppin'. Genesyx has his own brand and tone of voice that it is very new as well as rare to grasp; but individuality  is what the music industry needs. The chorus says "intel, I got intel for you" repeating, which basically means I have information to tell you. After the first chorus Ace Hashimoto makes his debut with his distinctive voice, which is easily distinguishable from Gensyx. Many indie artists collaborate with others who have a bizarrely similar style of tone which makes it harder for the listener to tell who is who in the song, but in this case that did not happen; *thumbs up*. After Hashimoto's verse, there is about thirty seconds of the chorus repeating. By the end of the track, the song will be looping in your head for sure.


Listen to the track above, like it, follow Genesyx and lets get ready for "Now You See Me" hopefully coming out very soon.




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As a music reviewer, you get several emails, tweets and direct messages a day from artists yearning for some sort of recognition on your website. Shockingly enough, I understand their motivation; if you are not going to promote your material, you ain't gonna go anywhere. However, I finally got the chance out of my crammed schedule to search and exquisitely listen to most of the tracks sent to me, judge whether it deserves acknowledgment, and include them in this post. Below are some of the talented musicians who sent me their work from either Twitter, or through email and deserve to be featured on here. Lets all support them!














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Blaze Jose, Baton Rouge rapper and producer has just released his song "Control" featuring Jireh. This track was released as of yesterday, January 6th prepping for the upcoming project, "Bittersweet" out sometime in February. The seventeen year old already has a mixtape out there called "Genuinely Despised" from 2014 and owns his own record label by the name of Jose Music LLC. This creative individual produces his material while displaying to the world his innovative hard work, which is evident and really paying off.

If you are wondering why the song sounds so familiar, after you heard it of course, the song is indeed a sample of 3T's 90's jam "Tease Me" that Jose transformed into a modern rap rhythm. "Tease Me" is subtly playing in the background as present day instrumentals are mixed with the sample. "Control" is hip hop mixed with R&B which is very underrated now a days; shout out to @Earth_808. The lyrics in the song include "Imma lose my focus girl" which clearly demonstrates that the track is based on "infidelity that occurs within relationships," Jose clarifies. Genius works right there. As Blaze Jose tells us, his listeners, the events that goes on in his life into his music, it really does make a him a real dude. 


After getting the time to digest Blaze Jose's music, I am sincerely waiting to hear multiple more projects from this smart guy. It is inspirational as well as fresh to see an artist who is completely DIY. Do it yourself artists is what we need the most in the music industry today, as most musicians majorly use the help of others for their own material. Blaze Jose's material is indigenous, savvy and personal. Truly one of a kind.


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Wisconsin experimental rock band, Whale House have two music videos that they have recently recorded and exclusively desired to share them with us first! A little background on the crew: Whale House have a 2014 EP by the name of "The Negative Space", leading up to their 2016 single "Freeway", that gives me flashbacks to the prime of the passionate chill vocal, guitar driven genre in the late 90's. As an unbiased music consumer like myself, I definitely feel a Third Eye Blind vibe. The videos below are "Red Sun" and "Think of Me", watch the visuals, then later realize that you are witnessing the start of phenomenon right here. Be aware of Whale House, this fascinating band will for sure bring the real rock music back.

"Red Sun"

"Think of Me"







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